Oh so embarrassing (The next morning)

So I go to bed, I wake up the next morning laying in bed thinking about the night before and start to get hard, So I am laying there and I hear her sister whisper "WTF", I had already kicked the sheets off so I just laid there peeking out of the corner of my eye and she walked up to our door wrapped in a blanket and stopped, Looked at me and her eyes got wide, She turned around and seen my wife and I seen her mouth "WTF" again, She looked back and forth then came up to the bed, Looked right at my d*** and nodded in approval, Pulled the blankets over me and shook my foot.
I opened my eyes and squinted at her and said her name, She looked at me and said "Where are my clothes?", I looked at her and sat up, I turned to the side and stood up, She looked down at my d*** and I looked down and said "Oh s***, Sorry" and went into the closet, She stood outside and said "Uh...What the f***, Why is everyone naked", I said "well, Me and your sister always sleep naked, You...Well, You just kind of dropped clothes as you went", She looked at me and said "Uh...Ohhh, Sorry about that", I laughed and said "It's fine", She said "Why is my sister naked on the couch", I thought for a second and said "Oh yeah, She got mad at me and stormed out to the couch last night", I looked over her shoulder and shook my head, She was passed out curled up in the fetal position.
I looked at my wife's sister and said "Do you want...Come with me", She followed me to the closet and I got her a pair of shorts and the thinnest, most see through shirt I could find without making it look like I was searching for one, She went to the other bathroom to change and I went to the living room and covered up my wife with a blanket. Her sister came to the kitchen covering her chest with her arm and said "Ahem, Uh...Any idea where my bra ended up", I said "Pffft, I have no idea", I walked over to the stairs where I had left her dress and grabbed it, She said "Why is my dress on the stairs?", I said "You asked me to unzip it before we went up the stairs and then you tripped on it and just stumbled out of it and left it there.
She thought for a second and said "Yeah, that sounds like me, so then you seen my..." Motioning toward her ass, I shrugged like "Meh" and she scoffed and said "My mommy badonk a donk", I looked over to see if my wife was still asleep and then said "Not to be innappropriate AT ALL but..." Then I whispered and said "I have to say, You have an amazing ass". She laughed and said "Yeah?", I nodded and she said "Well thanks." I made her a coffee and handed it to her and she said "Soo...Uh, What else was I showing off?", I just shrugged and she said "Oh no, Not...?" motioning in front of her chest which she had forgotten about hiding and I looked and nodded, I looked right at her chest and said "Um...I should...Uh..Here" and handed her a zip up hoodie off the back of a chair.
She looked down and turned away saying "Oh s***, Yeah I was going to ask for something, Uh sorry...Those should probably never be out", I laughed and said "Nah, they're great", She rolled her eyes and said "Now I know you are lying, I have seen them before ya know", she said "so...How long was I..." and I said "I don't know, I came out to check on your sister and you were standing in the bathroom" and she whispered "Naked?", I nodded and said "Uh yeah, I told you that you should go to bed but you thought I was (Her husband) and started talking to me", She said "Oh god, That can't be good?", I raised my eyebrows and said "Uh well..." and she said "Oh no, What was I talking about?", I put my head down then looked up at her and whispered "Mandy?...And...James?", she stared at me blankly and said "Oh f***", I put my hands up and said "Hey, I won't say a word to" pointing to the couch.
She sat staring at me and said "Uh...Oh boy...", She looked over her shoulder and said "Totally one time thing...I don't...F***...", I said "Oh I know" and giggled, She looked at me wide eyed and said "How much did I say?", I said "Well, You were trying to talk (Her husband) into doing it again", She took a deep breath and closed her eyes, She opened them again and said "F***, What else?", I shrugged and said "Ahhh, Not much", She squinted at me and said "What?", I said "Well...You may have mentioned something about (Her sister) and...".
She sat back, Took a deep breath and stared up at the ceiling and said "Ooohhh Kaaayyy, Uh so that was not...Um, I don't know what to say to that, I am so sorry, I mean he would never...Not without...I mean...No, No" I shrugged and looked at her, she just looked at me and kind of tilted her head a bit and said "Oh?", I shrugged and she said "Even after seeing...All of..This". I leaned over and said "Absolutely", She looked me right in the eyes and said "And (Her sister)?", I shrugged and said "Oh I don't know about that, she is a bit...Possessive", I leaned over again and whispered "Again, Not to be a perv but...Your nipples, Whoa...Love em" and she scrunched up her face and said "For real?", I nodded and she unzipped her hoodie, Opened it and they were not hard for the first time, I said "Oh so they do go soft" and she said "Uh, Yeah...Really?", I shrugged and could see them plain as day.
We heard my wife roll over and she zipped up her hoodie and my wife sat up saying "Oh god, I hurt" she stood up holding her head and the blanket fell off, she walked into the bedroom and I looked at my wife's sister and said "Tell me he wouldn't enjoy that", She looked at me wide eyed and slapped my arm saying "Stop it", She took a sip of coffee and said "He totally would though" and then said "Are we really talking about this?", I said "I never really thought about it before and I had no idea you guys were...Into that", She said "It's only ever been roleplaying...well except the one time". I stood up and poured a coffe, sat back down and said "Can you imagine?", she said "And...You would be ok with?", I said "I would love to" looking at her body and she said "No I mean (Her sister) and (Her husband)" I nodded and said "Can I watch?", She said "Well, That's kind of part of it" and I said "Then absolutley".
My wife walked out and sat at he table wearing clothes and put her elbow on the table resting her head in her hand and said in a whiny voice "Coffee?", I poured her one and she said "What the h***, Why was I naked on the couch", I told her she got mad and stormed off to sleep there, She said "Hmmm, Why was I naked and mad, I wonder?", I just chuckled and she shook her head. After we rounded up all of her sisters clothes from where I had hidden them she left and we talked a bit. I told her I had stumbled across her sister naked in the bathroom and she said "Oh goodness, Did you appologize?", I said "Yeah of course I did", She said "And what all did you see?", I said "Uuuhhh, Pretty much everything", She said "Oh goodness" I chuckled and said "Right?", She said Everything?", I nodded and she said "Naked?", I said "Fully", And she said "Is she upset?", I said "Nahhh, She is just embarrassed". My wife said "So, You see why I am not having kids" I laughed and said "Oh stop, She looks frickin great for * kids", She scrunched up her face and I said "Ok, Not her b**** but the rest is great" and she said "Oh my god, Her nipples?", I said "Right?, Pretty hot". My wife looked at me and said "Huh, Hot?", I said "Yeah, Have you seen them?", She said "Uh yeah, We are sisters".
I said "Yeah, So hot...Have you seen them hard?" and she said "Yeah of course, we change in the same room all the time at the pool or at the lake", I said "yeah they are crazy" and she laughed saying "You're a weirdo", She said "They used to look like mine and now...Not so much, But she says its because she breast fed and pumped at the same time for 4 1/2 years straight pretty much because she would be pumping for a bottle from one b*** and feeding a baby from the other at the same time then switch the next time".
I asked if she had ever walked in on anyone naked and she said "Well...Actually" and I said "actually what?", she said "I caught them one time when I was younger", I laughed and said "Really?", She said "Yeah, back when mom and dads basment was all f***** up and the doors wouldn't close". Their basement had shifted years ago and they had to jack up the house to fix it. I said "and?", She said "Well, Whatever, they were still just dating and I went downstairs and yeah, the door was open so...", I said "So...What?", She ran her fingers through her hair and said "Ahem, I uh..Ahem, Well I seen some stuff", I said "How long did you watch?", She said "Oh well...Um...Just until the end", I looked at her and she started laughed and said "What??" I was 15.
I was in full on try and get her worked up mode but she was in hungover stay away from me mode, I said "And?", She shrugged and said "And what?, Stop it", I said "What part did you see at the start", She laughed and said "Uh...My sister...On her knees...Ya know" and pressed her tongue to her cheek, I said "You watched your sister suck d***?, When you were 15?", She laughed and said "Yeah", I said "And you sucked your first one when?", She burst out laughing and said "18, I always thought it was great in thoery but always got grossed out by the idea of actually doing it until my boyfriend begged me until I did it then I realized it wasn't as bad as I thought", I said "And when did you start playing with yourself?", She said "Oh my god", I said "well?", she actually started blushing and then said "Uh, Well, Probably that night". We talked a bit more and I kept her on the topic then I asked "So...Is he?..." and she said "Oh god, I don't know, I was 15 so it looked huge", I said "Really?", She said "Well I don't know" and she thought for a second then said "Yeah, Actually, Yeah now that you mention it...His d*** was huge".
I pounded her on the couch and we roleplayed...Here we go!!!!!!!!!!

Jan 29, 2020

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