Am I sound like a 'weeaboo' even thought I am half-blood Chinese

I am a fashion student and one day, I decided to go to Japan and work there as a fashion designer because most of my clothing was kind of girly, cute type like the Japanese clothing brand Liz Lisa, Tralala or Ank Rouge.

I do love anime but I'm not always able to watch it because I was busy with my vocal traning. (I love yodeling, and love the sound of it) I also love to sing. I also busy to lose weight (and i did lose a few kgs.) because I planning to buy few of liz lisa and tralala sailor moon edition clothing but too bad these clothing only available in smaller size. I'm also learning Japanese language trough book but a little bit from anime because I know that sometimes anime doesn't speak in real japanese language because the creator of the anime want to make their character more cute or 'moe' type.

I love anime that was like sailor moon or something magical, cute and beautiful (like winx club but winx club was not anime and I always wanted to be stella because she has the magical rings) just because...they're beautiful even though the transformation take longer but I love seeing their cloth, dress because it's pretty although the story was kind of boring sometimes.

Sometimes I love to watch the anime kind like guresome or scary just to pass time. I really like paranormal stuff and sometimes I love to watch those people ghost hunting because when a ghost appear, I want to know how they've died and when. I've also read alot of paranormal/mystery type of story and sometimes magical and fantasy like harry potter.

Actually, I watch anime was like I watch cartoon. If the story was good I will continue but if it's bad...well.

Western cartoon are funny for me because I grow up with a few western cartoon like power puff girl, puffy ami yumi, foster home imaginary friends, dexter, sponge bob... but too bad nowadays cartoon are not so good like the old one except adventure time and the world of gumball. (I watch them in chinese because it way more funny in that language)

Well at first Japan wasn't the only home of fashion I've known, the reason why I choose Japan was people at there was so daring to dress up in Harajuku.(I decided to go there or maybe Tokyo). I love lolita fashion and gyaru but here I would only dress as gyaru because here people think it's common but I don't dress it too over.(People called this fashion as himekaji or 'casual princess'. You can google search it, it look casual and cute not like the rest of the gyaru being too over althought I love hime gyaru.) I also decided to go to paris but who know maybe I would go there someday as a fashion designer.

To my western friends, you might feel alittle bit angry when you hear this. I'm sorry that western country wasn't my top choice because western people will only buy something if it was good and high quality. althought I want my clothing price to be afordable, feel free to buy cloth in my store in the future. Don't worry, I will make the size from xs to xl so you everyone can wear it.

To be honest, I don't want to work or even live in my country because of the economy. Here, it's hard to earn a single money because of the greediness from the government and people here could be very racist toward each other although we living in a small same country. If they want more money in the future they need to stop fighting and blaming with each other and start to work hard. But being a loyal person to my country won't feed my parents in the future so I had really to move to other country and work harder so my parent will have a good live to live and I'll earn money for my little brother and sister to go to collage.


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