Amber Alerts

I don't care if some stranger's kid is missing.

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  • It's almost always a custody case going off the rails anyway. Who wants to get mixed up in some rando's domestic dispute? Ugh.

    Also, parents-- if you demand that The Village leap to attention whenever there's an Amber Alert and pay for your kid's back to school supplies (and everything else you think it needs), don't get all outraged when some stranger dares to call out your feral brat if it's tearing up the store and you're too busy f****** around on Insta to be the grownup.

    You don't get to have it both ways!!

  • He probably loves rape lol

  • It doesn't matter to you until it's your life turned upside down. I don't care that you don't care ;)

  • I don't care either.

  • Don't let these other moralizers s*** on you. Most people don't care and they don't even listen to the alerts. Whatever was going to happen without the alert is going to still happen with the alert. That's just life.

  • Fortunately, society has many who do care, and look out for others in their time of need. As for you, yes, I'm already perfectly aware that there are heartless selfish jerks. I'm sure I will find many other reminders before I even get to my job this morn. Thanks, chump.

  • Oh shut up. You blithely ignore plenty of other people in bad situations if they're not the right kind of needy person. Have you fed a homeless person a hot meal lately? Didn't think so.

  • Heartless

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