For 2 years, I have been the emotional dump of a girl who I thought was my friend. I have consistently been there for her when nobody else would be. I have made excuses for her actions to myself and other people, always believing she had some sort of good in her. I have taken her emotional outbursts and pushed them to the side because I am a good person. Recently, she began completely ignoring me out of the blue. No reason whatsoever. We weren't arguing, she just stopped contacting me. She blocked me on all social media sites and refuses to answer my texts asking for an explanation. She did the same thing to her "best friend" before me. I was confused at first, but I know realize this is what she does. She cycles through people and drops them when she gets bored of them. Then she finds her next emotional dump sit in. It is frustrating and sad to me that I spent so much time on her, thinking she was a close friend. Apparently all of the time I spent with her doesn't even warrant a face to face talk. I won't be so stupid as to waste my time and energy won somebody like her again.

Aug 8, 2016

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  • Hey, Vicki Wadsworth of Chico, California! Are you still like this? Still mentally ill and needing about six backhands to the face? You have no idea who this is-- it could be any of hundreds of people by now. Have a great day, b****!

  • Deep breath and think through how you will react when she comes back.

    Personally I would be polite but not intimate. No more coffee or whatever. Just polite and politely say 'no'.

  • I've been there. I feel ya.

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