My ex-lover and I met up recently

I want to kiss you; but we're both married. You wanted to hug me close to smell my hair and neck. I let you, knowing it could go either way. You started kissing my neck, gently at first, then harder and harder. I could feel your fingers in my hair and smell the familiar scent of your skin. I gave in and told you to bite my neck hard and pull my hair, I wanted it so much. I want you, all of you, but we can't. When you bit down, I moaned softly, which made you more aggressive. You put your fingers in my mouth, which I sucked, teasing you with a familiar site. I pulled away. I'm married, I shouldn't be here. My lips were swollen, hair was wild, skin was flush from the heat of summer and us. You told me I looked so **. You wanted to rip me open to feel all of my insides. I pushed you hard away from me. Your eyes flickered like I've never seen before- you jumped towards me, grabbed my wrist with one hand, pinned me against the window and with the other squeezed my face and told me to open my mouth. I did and felt the cool, wet length of your tongue against mine. I pulled my face away. You have to go home, I have to go. I want more, we both do.

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I'm Not Visually Beautiful.

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  • Whats stopping u ** eabh others brains out

  • Go home. Before its too late!

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