I got caught

Last night my wife and sister in law were sitting on the floor looking through some old family photos and I was on the couch, my sister in law was wearing shorts with her legs crossed and from the angle I was at I could see right up the leg and could see her p****, I didn't say anything and just took the opportunity to look at a very nice, shaved, pink, 25 year old p****, I thought I was being sneaky but my wife looked at me, leaned over and saw exactly what I was seeing.
She didn't freak out which kind of surprised me but just asked her sister to get her a glass of water, Her sister got up and left the room, She looked at me and whispered "Really...What the f***?" and shook her head.
She hasn't talked to me yet today.

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  • But it was worth it, right?

  • Well, it wasnt that bad...

  • She'll forgive you. You're male and there was poon to be eyeballed.

  • Had similar several years ago. My now ex-wife's sister in law (also former, as she divorced ex's a****** brother) was a slender, fit, gorgeous European woman. Sweeter than sugar, only wanted to please. And, used to dressing comfy at home. She and I always got along as the "outsiders" of sort, so had a connection to begin with.

    Visiting her family's house one night, the sister in law got changed after a day out, and wore low-slung sweats and a loose, low-cut tank top that really showed off her marvelous 38s. We're chatting at the kitchen table, as usual, and, (name change), every time Laura leaned over, practically falling out of her shirt, my eyes went right to her heaving t***. I started to honestly think it was on purpose after the first few times.

    Later, as we got ready for bed, my ex-wife commented, to see my reaction, "Laura's in great shape, isn't she?", then the more direct "Don't think I didn't see you oggling (my ex wife was awful with saying things properly; she meant, ogling" her". I denied it, but, know I was caught leering down Laura's admittedly way-open shirt more than once.

  • Did she really expect you not to look at t***? Who are these uptight betches?

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