First Love

I think about him still. 20 years later. Yet I am happily married now. Why do my thoughts still drift to him...and make my heart hurt?

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  • I too at 17 found my first true love. We even got engaged at 19 but I realized that when we left for college at different schools, that I probably would not be faithful to her and worried she would do the same. So I broke off the engagement. Six years later I met my wife and have been happily married more than 40 years. when the internet came about, I managed to connect with my sweetheart of my youth and realized that I still loved her but thankfully did not s**** up my marriage. But today 50 years later I still know she was my first love and would like to sit down and talk to her about her life and how we were able to text once in awhile and remember our youth!!!

  • Maybe it was the last time you were truly happy? Your mind is going back to a better time.. Current happiness may be fine, but...Only a replacement for that first one.

  • Everybody does this. You never forget your first love even after you've been married for many years.

  • Does this mean that he thinks of me?

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