Lost control

I am happily married and have been for over 25 years. Our s** life has dwindled, but that is not an excuse. Sometimes I drink too much, go on line and do inappropriate things, like write women I know and ask them suggestive questions. I hate myself the next day, yet I can't seem to stop. Help?

Aug 24, 2010

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  • It's an outlet, and, I think, harmless...Maybe cut back on the drinking, though..That gets expensive and not healthy. If you have female friends who you can say the suggestive things to, and they take it as a joke, that's fine. One of my very good female friends is gorgeous, statuesque, and former model..And a goofball personality. I can say those "suggestive" type things to her and get away with it.

    H***, we were messaging back and forth one night, and I said something about her in a bikini..Don't even remember what it was.. Little while later, boom..Three photos of her, in tiny, blue bikini, show up on my phone. It's all in fun, and a good outlet.

  • im sorry, but if you ReALLY loved your wife, and you REALLY felt horrible, than you simply wouldn't do it. however, if you feel 100 percent honest that this isnt the case, get mental help. im not saying that to be mean, but i swear to god that you should c some therapist or something

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  • You don't need help you need is understanding my friend. 25 years with the same woman, s** is boring, you looking for anew, something to spark up the s** life. make your willy harder. You want that sexual excitement, its all normal for us older guys, relax, enjoy, your online nasty talk, but remember things have a way of coming back to haunt you. Just keep it in fantasy land. If you ever want to go to the real, go pro. Don't have some dumb affair, just pay and go. I bet tiger wish now he had!

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