Im still addicted

Ok so im a Male 19 (sub), and i had a boyfriend also 19 (dom). My parents still think im straight but im a man who loves taking it up the ass. They always thought i was just visiting a friend but really he was my bf. I would go over to his apartment and as soon as i walked in he'd be waiting at the door. When ever i would be there he made me strip down till i was bare skin naked. He would then send me to the bathroom so i could clean myself out with and emema, after i was done id walk out and he'd bend me over an lube my a******, then he'd pull out 'my bad boy bench' which was black and wooden with a mounted d**** on it. He'd then put me on a leash and send me to sit on my d****. It was about 8 inches long and about 2-3 inches in circumfrence. It always hurt going in at first, but daddy would make me sit on it no matter what. Once it was b**** deep he would make me stay seated and not move. If i tried to touch my c*** to m*********... id get whipped... if i tried to talk out of turn... i was forced to suck his c*** until he came. And i could never get off the bench. If i had to p*** i would have to on myself. But no matter how bad it got i loved my daddy and he loved me. After a while though he eventually had me leave his house with a rather large b******* in and id have to have it in when i got to hos house or i would have to get on all fours and get whipped 20 times. But slowly we grew apart and we eventually broke up. But since then ive gotten my own place and ive done most of these things to myself because it just drives me insane and makes me c** so hard.

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