Jewish girl stalked me at college

We had attended the same high school and nothing happened while we were there but when we ended up at the same college things started to go downhill fast.

She was able to go directly to the state college but I had to go to junior college first and after I graduated two years later I started attending the same college and started taking taking the same courses as she was.

She latched onto me saying that the Junior college I had attended had dumbed down the courses and that had I gone to her college directly out of high school I would have flunked out.

I caught her trying to break into my car and I told her to get the H*** out of my life or I would report her. A week later she knocked the books out of my hands as I was walking to class.

This time I went to the Dean and he sat her down and told her she would be expelled if she had any further contact with me.

We both graduated and she made better grades than I did and after the graduation ceremony she made sure I knew it. I told her she was sick and to seek psychiatric help.

Ok twenty years later I heard on the grapevine that she had died of cancer of the female organs.

I wonder if she had the cancer while we were in college and it affected her mind?

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