I'm 16 and like having s** with older

I'm 16 and like having s** with older boys.

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  • I have never dated a guy my own age. They are always at least 4 years older.

  • i slept with a friend i work with on my 3 year aniversary with my boyfriend (hes away for work) i should feel bad but i dont the s** was great and its happened more than once.

    hmmm maybe im just a cold hearted b****.

    anywho i just wanted to confirm that the saying once you go black you never go back is really true

  • Make sure u f*** standing up 2 avoid getn pregnant

  • hey.
    it doesn't matter if you're a gay boy or if you're a straight girl.
    having s** with older boys, is your choice.
    it is hard to keep your self respect and the respect of the older boys if you just let boys s** you.
    it's your choice, of course.
    but, like that one person said.

    are you emotionally okay?
    because, sweetie.
    if you are, then that's great.
    and i'm so happy, you have attention that makes you feel good.
    but, if they're hurting you.
    then, stay away from them!

  • Great beacause old perverts love young girls

  • don't have s** w/ them!!!!!!! lol.**

  • you and about 80 percent of every girl your age...dont worry about it

  • When ya ass get raped dont call for ya ma mi.

  • what a bunch of kids responding to you hun... is this what you want?

    attention for older boys is great... but how's your heart?

    emotionally - are you ok?

    I hope so.

  • if your a girl then that cool id f*** ya... if your a guy get a freekin life and take a good look in the miror ask your self if your realy happy ... ya i know your not

  • ahhhh hahaha... guys... i have a feeling this is a guy. Read the confession again

  • LOL so are you guys still reading this??

  • ur a girl right?

  • its okay hunni i'm and older boy and like having s** with younger chic as long as they older than 16 or i'ma be arrested

  • where you from?

  • Whats your #? :P

  • Cool...cause you're tight

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