I triggered another women this afternoon

I triggered another women this afternoon. I was standing on my front porch today smoking a cigarette when I heard the sound of women's shoes walking up the street by my house. So I looked over for a split second to see an attractive women walking her dog. When she saw me look over towards her she gave me a dirty look like I was a rapist or something. Sorry lady. I didn't mean to trigger you. Just like I could be a threat to you, your dog could be a threat to me. Just trying to be aware of who's entering my space....

Aug 12, 2016

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  • I hate witches that act like some guy has nothing better to do than rape or undress them with his eyes,they stupid. I am a family man,educated,great job, no criminal record(of course they don't know all that about me).I could be at a store or just walking by,then some deranged mother, who had not been paying any attention to her kids, would see me and all of a sudden start calling their names-something like "Zoey,Chloe,Aiden,come this way,mummy is here". Calm down,I have no use for your ugly kid,I don't even care about it. Or lady would be walking around half naked,sees a guy and starts to act all insecure,covering herself,pulling down her short skirt...she knew she was almost naked the minute she decided to dress,so it should be no problem for us to look at her nakedness!

  • I think you were minding your own damn business

  • It happens. I was walking back to my car, parked on a side street, after an outdoor fair, behind, but not that close to, an attractive woman in a short skirt and pink half shirt. She was walking alone, and even I thought..That's a bad move for a hot woman like that (considering where we were). I said not a word to her, yet, as she approached a duplex house, pretended to make a phone call and said "Hon-ey, I'll be inside in a second".

    By the looks of her, I knew, no way she lived there. She was too hot, the wrong color for the area, and looked behind herself, at me, during the call. I slowed down, on purpose, to see if she lived there; Nope, as I thought..Not at all. Took another side street and got into her car on a corner. I'm a regular, normal-type guy, very average, and certainly not a threat to any woman. Yet, she put on the show of trying to prove she was home and her honey man was waiting..

  • You sound wierd u ass hole

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