Office party

I did something terrible but it felt so good. My coworker has the hottest young wife. Josh has been with our company for a few months now. His wife , Meagan became friends with my wife. We all became fast freinds. They are a sweet young couple and we being older have to come to think of them as our kids. Josh and Meagan are not a good match. While she is bright , cultured and positive , he is sort of a red neck type with a sour disposition. I cannot keep my eyes off her young body. Blonde hair , blue eyes with great t*** awesome personality and extremely flirty. She makes me feel young again. I'm only about 20 years older than her. She and i always talk when we all get together. She is clearly drawn to me. I'm in very good shape and she is always asking me to work out with her. I'm constantly thinking about her when I have s** with my wife. Fast forward to our Foirth of July office party. It was held at an outdoor pavilion by a lake. Everyonen drank lots of beer and margaritas. As it got dark and we waited for the fireworks display I found an out of the way place and smoked a cigar. Next thing I knew Megan Wes behind Me. That's smells great , she said. I love a mature man with a cigar ,Nashe continued. As we made small talk all I could do was stare anther magnificent cleavage. I wondered what those firm young tots would feel like against my c***. She was standing very close and no one was around. I gazed into her eyes intently . She must have picked up on my signal because the next thing I knew we were making out. It was so hot. She pressed up against my hard c*** and moaned softly. She unzipped my pants and pulled my rock hard c*** out. I had my hands up her Blouse fondleing those luscious young t***. She was wearing sports shorts that were very stretchy . Still kissing me she pulled them to the side and pressed my aching c*** up to her wet pusssy. I grabbed her hips and my c*** slid deep inside her s*****. She spread her legs and began to grid her c*** against my c***. It was too much for me because after only a few minutes I felt myself began to c**. I tried to pull away but she grabbed me and pulled me deeper. I erupted inside her. My hot s**** splashed against her improved cervix. She moaned loudly as spurt after spurt entered her young body. I couldn't stop. She pressed her lips against my ear and breathlessly said , I hope I get pregrant. She stepped away from me and smiled wickedly . Thanks for the f***, I haven't had an o****** in a long time she said as she walked away. I feel bad but holy s*** that was the greatest fucknive had in a very long time. I plan on f****** her al lot.

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  • If this is not a fantasy,its awesome. She pregnant yet? Sounds like hubby cant knock her up?

  • You give hot young wife hot big c***

  • Nice man, sounds hot. Enjoy.

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