i am afraid of black girls

I have so many memories of being picked on by sadistically mean black girls at school when I was in middle school who ruined my social life that to this day I avoid black girls like other people avoid cockroaches.

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  • That's nice. I was bullied by blonde Christian conservative larva from elementary school until high school. It made me find my own strength, and now I dedicate lots of time to making such people cry. It's pretty easy, as the internet now shows us. I just wish I could go back in time and tell my younger self just how unintelligent and pathetically insecure those loudmouths were.

  • I think black girls are wonderful them big lips and long tongue

  • So, white, mexican girls do not bully? Girls have committed suicide for being bullied. It is not a racial issue. It is a people issue. Speak out and help others! it should be easy to avoid black girls. most schools segregate themselves.

  • Those of us who don't commit suicide end up so much stronger than our former bullies can ever know. Sometimes we get the chance to demonstrate it. >:)

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