Have to avoid black people

That I don't hate black people or any other people. In fact, I'd love to treat people pretty much exactly the same. Unfortunately, I'm told that I have to "see" blackness and that race blindness is bad. But how do I look at someone as "black"? I read all sort of anti-racist stuff but I don't feel comfortable treating black another other non-whites as children, or as something "other" than someone like me. Golden rule no longer applies! The only way around this is to avoid being around, working with, buying from black people. I don't need the confusing headache and they're such a small minority that it'll be easy just to avoid them from now on.

Feb 28

Next Confession

Selling dresses and underwear to crossdressers

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  • You should wrestle with them.

  • You are sick. I hope your wife and daughter find the pleasure that only a black man can give.

  • Once you go black you get herpes

  • Stay obsessed with race while the rest of the world passes you by

  • How racist

  • As a white American myself, I am so disgusted and ashamed of ** like this. If I were POTUS, I'd give tax breaks for every child born to interracial couples and just turn this whole country brown. The entitled, selfish, hateful bigotry and cruelty of my fellow white people has been a stamp of absolute shame on this country from day one, and I'm done. I cannot even IMAGINE what black Americans must be feeling - I'd avoid white people, too. Most of us are the worst. After centuries of slavery, lynchings, massacres, genocides, segregation, the prison-industrial complex, the unconscionable ** of black slaves by white men who SOLD THEIR OWN CHILDREN into slavery, it's PATHETIC that any white American would DARE to suggest that THEY are somehow the "real victims." White supremacy has to stop, and only white people can stop it. We need to grow the f up and start making things right with the people we have done so much harm to, because it's a really long list.

    Sorry to go on a random rant, man, but I've never seen people be so f-ing disgusting, and sometimes I just want to burn the world down. I hope you're happy and healthy and I'm sorry white people are the worst. Be well.

  • Wahhhhhh

  • Oh please save us poor helpless black folk white saviour! We're just so hopeless at everything! Save us great White hope!

  • No. And you have herpes

  • Slavery again?! FFS...

  • How can you interact with black people when you already know everything you do in that situation is wrong?

  • Are you Scott Adams?

  • Yes

  • Dilbert rules! Especially Catbert.

  • Scott Adam’s is better

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