Maybe I'm a freak, but I'm gonna ask my parents to ground me

Okay, so I'm 16/f and I guess you could say I'm generally a pretty good kid. I've never been grounded at any rate. I know plenty of people who have been grounded at least once in their lives though. One girl I have classes with is actually grounded right now for an entire month!

Maybe I'm a weirdo, but I'm actually curious about what it's like to be grounded and just how hard it really is. I've decided to ask my parents if they'd be willing to ground me for a week or two, just so I can have the experience. Y'know, no privileges (TV, phone, internet, music, etc.). Only being allowed to leave home for school and having to come home directly afterward. That kind of stuff and whatever else they might come up with. Of course, I plan to explain my reasons for wanting to do this. Hopefully, that'll help them to not think I've completely lost my mind! H***, maybe I have. LOL! I'm sure my friends will think so if they learn the real reason why I can't hang out. No idea what I'll tell them yet, but whatever. I've decided I'm gonna do this. Wish me luck everyone!

May 16, 2021

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  • I would have HATED you when I was in school. Bizarrely for the same reason I find your vibe so adorable NOW. The world's f*****, let's all dance.

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