Father iin law

I married at 15 to escape home. My husband was 29. My ex had a fetish for young girls I found out much later. But s** with him after about a couple of weeks was like clock work. Every other night whether I was in the mood or not he had to have it. Most often, he would reach out for me and there he was trying to put it in. Most often I wasn't ready but that didn't matter. Now my ex was well endowed and any woman who ever had a huge p**** shoved in them will understand the pain and discomfort there is incurred if she is not turned on. About 6 weeks after we were married his dad (widowed) came to live with us. When his brothers came by they always eventually got around to pick on the old man and kidding him about not getting any or even being able to get it up. That was the most disgusting family I ever knew. And I really felt sorry for him. In fact a number of times I thought about doing him but never gave into the thought. Then one winter, my ex sent to a parts house for some car parts and when I returned he screamed and called me a stupid b**** and that I couldn't do a damn thing right. I got the wrong part. When I went to talk back he slapped the s*** out of me. I was shocked and stormed out, jumped in the car and went home. I was crying when I walked in the door. Me farther in law saw and asked what was going on so I told him. He walked over and put his arms around me. A radio was playing a slow soft song and he started to sway with it. I wasn't thinking about anything but revenge and how I could strike back at my ex. So I followed my father in laws lead. In a few short minutes I felt something caress my side and I wondered for a second what I felt. When he moved again I knew exactly what it was and pushed back against it. When the song ended I stepped back and glanced down and saw a huge bulge in front of his overalls. He looked like an old string bean from the Hee Haw show from so long ago. My heart literally leaped in my throat. He reached for my hand and said come on. I grasp his hand and followed him into the bedroom and watched as he undid the fly of his trousers. In a few quick seconds all of his manhood was standing out for me to see. He asked do you like? I couldn't speak. He was just a little bigger than my ex. Then he said well? I was soaking wet and with my heart pounding I slipped my slacks and panties off leaving one leg in them and eased back on the edge of the bed. He moved between my thighs and took the head of his p**** against my tush, made one complete circle from my c*** down to my v***** then then back again. Then with little effort he eased all the way in. It felt so good feeling myself stretch to take him and I felt so full. For a few brief seconds I lay there impaled by him then he started really slow thrusting then longer strokes and before he had made a 4th or 5th thrust I already had a climax. Before he was done I had one right after another. At the end he was hammering away while I try to wriggle to his motion. Then his movements got irregular and he grunted. That's when I felt it. His p**** actually felt like it had spasms. It jerked several times inside me then I felt him c** in spurts over and over. We both were out of breath when he finished and when he eased out of me I could see his semi hard dripping c** from its tip and fairly quickly that rigid hard was hanging limp in front of a loose bag of b**** at the front of his overalls. I watched as he put it back in. As he buttoned his front, I slipped my leg back in my slacks and rushed to the bathroom. I was sitting on it no more than a minute when my ex walked in raising h***. I was satisfied I almost got my revenge. Before we finally spit up I f***** three of his brothers also and all of them were a h*** of a lot better than he was ever. But the old man could have taught them all lessons..

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  • Why escape home was dady playn with you

  • Playing u call it my p**** was streached

  • We all hav a fetish for young girls

  • Marrying a 15 year old gets u a trip to jail where I live lol what a perv

  • That's not true.

  • Maybe where ever ur at that's pretty f*****

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