She finally let me

For my 40th birthday my wife asked me what I wanted, I told her I didn't want her to buy me anything and all I wanted was something I have been asking for in the bedroom, She automatically thought I wanted a threesome but I told her it was something else, She asked what and I leaned in, and whispered in her ear "I want to f*** your ass", I expected a big, fat, FU but to my surprise she got up and left the room which isn't like her to not have a comment, She returned a few minutes later and sat down, She never mentioned it and I left it at that.
Two days later we went out for my birthday, partied with some friends and went home, I wasn't surprised that when we got home we had s** but in the middle of it she rolled to her stomach and I tried to put it in her from behind, She reached between her legs and grabbed my shaft, Stopped me and said "If you want to put it in you're gonna have to lick it" and stuck her bum in the air, I almost lost my mind but buried my face in her beautiful ass, I was licking her and she was rubbing her p****, I knelt behind her and pressed my k*** to her a******, She was moaning and wriggling her bum.
It took a long time and a lot of grunting and groaning from both of us but eventually I got it half way in, She let me slowly f*** her in the ass from behind, You would think it would have been the best night of my life but...
It wasn't great at all, She was too tight, It didn't feel anywhere as good as I thought it would and she was having trouble being sexy while she groaned and grunted as I f***** her, I eventually got off and rubbed her c*** hard enough that she got off as well, We both agreed it was not our best performance but she caught me off guard when she said "we might have to work on that one a bit before its good".

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  • A man wrote this

  • You are a sad case 40 years and you got up a dirty a*** hold then tell the world

  • Did you get s*** on your d***

  • You have acomplished alot with life 40 years and you got up the s****** congrats

  • Butt s** for a man is a gay thing, in denial.

  • S** can be a pain in the ass, just try it sometime.

  • Next time oil her a*** hole and take a v***** u should be fine

  • She really is a bad lay if she hasn't had an open mind to it for that long lol the feelings of discomfort change to pleasure for both guys and girls try getting a be with a prostrate massage try eating her while sticking a finger in her ass

  • U can by lube almost anywhere u know it really took u till ur 40 to do this lol

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