Awhile back my wife and I moved into these luxury apartment homes. She had a "accident" almost ran over a homeless guy with a bike but at the end I plotted it all together and caught him doing the same thing to someone else my wife being a sweet person felt bad and decided to buy him 10 burgers from Burger King I agreed. But didn't believe the whole ran me over and messed the right fender of my car until I saw him re enact again with a different resident. Ever since then he's been stalking my wife she's a receptionist for a huge company when we'd both get home from work id get home a bit late due to Houston traffic. She'd call me scared halfway crying saying to hurry home. I'd panick and never understood or believed that the same dude was stalking her waiting for her in our apartment parking lot. On the weekends on one of my days off she'd get startled and constantly looks at the blinds was scared to go out to the balcony until she decided to go and the same dude was standing outside looking at my wife. I caught him yesterday as I got home from work my wife reminded me this guy is stalking her and constantly surrounding her and blowing kisses. Me being me I was there and noticed he didn't walk the whole sidewalk because o was standing right there but I was this close to punching him, for disrespecting my wife. But I didn't he panicked and walked around the other side of the street. I'm a buff guy weigh 175lb 5'9 my wife is a petite slim thick girl we've been together 2 years. Majority of the times she's paranoid and idk how to take it do I call the cops or wait because in two months were moving elsewhere. I just dislike when people look at my wife in a sexual way especially these sick teenagers. And I definitely am worried because I'm actually saying that my wife has a stalker and it's creepy but also nerve wrecking because he's one of those homeless guys who's in s rehab center across the street a few blocks down and constantly asks for money and he'll keep begging and begging. People shouldn't mistake kindness for something else. Accept the fact there's nice people out here and won't say no to buy you food but the stalker is getting out of hand.

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  • Kick the f*** outta him till he can't walk or talk

  • Get her to bear mace him

  • I'd scare him real good if I were u maybe stock him find out more about him

  • Let him f*** ur wife then hel move on

  • Lmao at the last comment

  • Incredible stand you have taken to protect your wife by confessing on an anonymous site.
    Don't you think you need to grow up Man!!

  • Call the police and say everything that's creepy

  • Go to the police,you idiot!

  • Police can't do s*** unless he does something

  • You must have a hot wife no disrespect bro I say you should call the cops and let them know the situation but also mention that you'll be moving in a few months your still worried about your wives safety

  • Couple of hidden cameras. Put it on youtube. Might get some action from the cops

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