This has only happened maybe 10 times in the 18 years that Larry and I have been married but there are times that I have this overwhelming urge to have exciting s** and after awhile s** with my husband had become more or less once or twice a week and I have a healthy s** drive .
I first considered one of our friends but I was afraid that it would sooner or later be found out so since I was a housewife at the time I would sneak away when the kids were in school and find a cowboy bar and let myself get picked up by a guy and go home with him for a couple hours.
I have been on birth control since our third chills so I had no problem with a guy finishing up in me and I would go home afterward and shower and m********* using the guys sperm for a lube. ( I never have had an o***** with any of the guys I have been with so far) and I know that Larry will probably just go to sleep after dinner watching the news .
It has worked very well up until now and for some reason since we have been on lockdown I am h**** all the time. Larry has become a little mor active in bed but what I miss is the excitement of meting complete strangers and having wild s**.
I will be very happy when Larry is called back to work and the kids are in school again.

I know this is wrong but how can something this exciting be wrong.
I also know that Larry might someday find out but I just cant seam to bring myself to stop.

Jun 6, 2020

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  • Hot but wrong. Try talking to him. Find out his kinks. Try to find a less destructive alternative.

  • Cant any one spell ?

  • Eye kan.

  • Not everyone is monogamous. It sounds like you aren't. Consider asking for an open relationship!

  • You can finger yourself on cam for strangers. That helps , i j*** off to release and get the excitement till the lockdown is there

  • Real men are out there I cam smell ten and I can taste them oh to feel a real hard man against me again.

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