Nothing else

I have only learnt to love you.Only thing is I can't love you the way I want to and it hurts to know you accept the fact n fate too.
I even know there is no way out but still I sometimes wish you to try to change atleast something ,next moment I do think whom I am saying in the sea of people.
The craziness drives me and it's been the story so far with my words I feel,i breathe,and even ruin me little by little.
Yet the love inside roars and I really don't know how to subdue.

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  • The lobe roars inside because you need to speak the truth. That truth was in your eyes when you looked at her. So covey the message to her with your words and let your heart lead the way.

  • Sounds like your hurt because you deny the fact that you feel things for a person smh why lie to yourself just accept it who gives a f*** what people say or think

  • Just give in

  • Barter system will it work still;)

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