No Kids Allowed

My partner and I,don't want children.
I've already been a mother/maternal figure,
to my younger brother.I'm happy being,
just the way I am and so is my partner.
I'm in a loving relationship and all we need,
is each other.
We don't need to have children,to complete our family.Our family is complete already.

So stop it,"mum" and stop it" future-in-laws"
we don't intend to procreate,for the sake of you twats! We're happy,healthy and complete!
So f*** off and be happy with,the grandchildren you already have,
from our siblings.Selfish c****!

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  • YES!!! :)

  • Well ok then.

  • Yes, it really is "ok", a******. In case you haven't noticed, we live in a kid-centric world where adult places and people who can conduct themselves like adults are at an ever-shrinking premium.

    If "bi" people and trannys and everyone else claiming to still be oppressed minorities can stand up and holler, then you will shut up and hear those of us who still genuinely are, too! Suck it up!

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