I love you but I'm afraid to say so

When I was growing up, straight into adulthood I was told that no one would ever want me because I was too ugly, and then I got sick and found myself on dialysis. Life is funny that way. Who would want someone who is ill? I work a demanding job, I go to the gym, I hang out with friends and I get my treatments. I watched all my friends get married and have kids. And I am happy for them, but sad for me. I thought I would never fall in love, and closed my heart off. So now I find myself in a dilemma. You wiggled yourself into my life. You are the first guy to call me beautiful and gorgeous. I have loved you for nearly 2 years and some. Afraid to say more. I'm not good at expressing myself, I'm way too awkward. So here we are. I don't know what to do. But I have already decided even if I can't be with you, I will always be cheering for you.

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  • Dont knock urself u cant help being ugly

  • Lol and you can't help being mean and illiterate (grammar), which is worse than ugly. You have a hateful soul seek help!

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