My wifes cousin

The other weekend my wifes cousin came and stayed overnight, Her cousin is a very attractive girl a few years older than my wife but works out and eats well, They got drunk and went to bed and in the morning I went to the kitchen to make coffee, As I passed the spare room I heard snoring and decided to take a peek, I quietly opened the door and my wifes cousin was sleeping with her back to the door and one leg tossed over the covers which put her whole back side on display.
She was sleeping naked as most of the women in my wifes family do, I could see over half of her p**** and all of her a******, I quickly put my phone on silent and snapped a couple pics from the doorway, Put my phone away and closed the door.
I went to the kitchen and checked out the pictures, She has a BEAUTIFUL ass, Nice, round, smooth and firm looking, Her p**** from the half I have pictures of looks very nice, No signs of hair, Puffy lips and no lips hanging out, Her a****** is pink and hair free and looks nice and tight as well.
I have only had s** with my wife twice since I took the pictures and she actually commented that I haven't been bugging her as much for s** lately, Little does she know that its because I j*** off to her cousins p**** and a****** almost every night.

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  • Stick ur p**** n evry hole she has giv her last drop

  • My ex-wife's sister in law had one of the most beautiful bodies and pssies I've ever seen. Saw her several times, as she was a free spirit and wore loose, revealing clothes. Laid out to tan at my house one summer while visiting, and the others went shopping, and peeled her bikini bottoms almost..just there enough, down.. I snuck several pics of her before she more or less caught me, but, allowed more. Told me it's ok, feel free to take as many of me as you want.. More than made up for the lack of sx I was getting from the prude wife, that's for sure.

  • I hate when wives make men feel like they "bug" for sexx. This isn't something a man should have to bug for. It should be something she wants to share with him. It was a bit naughty of you to take the pictures too.

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