Pregnant Sister

So i found out my sister was going to a fancy dress party with a couple of her friends. I also found out she was going a Sailor Moon, since she loves that show.
I didn't tell her or anyone else, but i got a ticket to go. I got the tuxedo to go as the Tuxedo Mask from the show. I made sure i had the hat and mask to cover myself well.
On the night i was off to the side watching my sister. She is only 15, but she was sneaking drinks from the bar.
I waited till she was looking tipsy and headed over. I spoke deeply to hide who i was and asked her to dance. She got excited to dance with Tuxedo Mask and made joke of us getting married and falling in love.
It didn't take much really, a few sweet comments, gentle kisses and hugs and i had her. I had moved us to the very back corner of the hall while dancing. I spun her and caught her so i was behind her. I hugged her around her perfect flat tummy with one arm and slowly rubbed her with the other hand.
When she was getting excited and started to whisper that she was close i took it. I lent her forward about half way, and i pulled my c*** through my fly, pulling her white leotard open i pushed my c*** into her.
I only lasted about a minute, knowing i had my 26 year old c*** b**** deep inside my 15 year old sister. I held her hips tight and pushed as hard and deep into her as i could. I could feel my head hard pushing hard into her cervix as i blew 6 or 7 huge spurts of c** into her.
She panicked as she realised i was c****** bare in her. I just finished my work and left her.
It was about 8 weeks and my sister had been getting morning sickness, so she went to the doctors and she is pregnant. She told me about what happened and i told her she can't tell our parents as they will go nuts about it. She asked me about an abortion and if she could borrow some money to pay for it. I lied and told her it costs way to much and i didn't have enough,
She had to tell my parents as she couldn't hide it anymore and they did go nuts. She is now 5 and a half months and is having a baby girl. I haven't told her that she is having my daughter/sister.


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  • Daughter/niece

  • When a baby is born, there tests to show if the baby has genes from siblings. Actually, any blood test can show this. Babies can also have several physical and mental disabilities because of this. You are a dumbfu*k. You are also a pedophile. Go take a knife and slice your throat.

  • Your daughter/sister? Think about that dumbass

  • Incest is wincest

  • Congrats job well done was she shaved did it smell fresh

  • You sad, pathetic little creature.

  • Sad i was never so happy if sis cant keep nickers on dont blame me

  • She wil want c*** covered next time was she a virgin

  • A man wrote this

  • Little s*** serves her right did u make her come

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