An observation about my school

I go to a school for kids with “learning differences” and I can say that almost everyone there would do fine in a regular New York State public school if they were raised better, but instead their parents spend $65k USD on a damn high school.

When I was in middle school I has a bad student and my parents thought their “brilliant” son was a victim of a “broken public school system” when he was really just making bad decisions. My parents talked like I was being conspired against by them to fail when really I just had bad behavior.

Any thoughts? Drop a comment below.

Jan 20, 2021

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  • There are real "special kids" but not nearly as many as people want us to think. Most of them are either being raised by morons or prefer to skate and act stupid to get out of doing whatever they don't want to do. As with all things, parents with money is what makes the difference between "problem child" and "special child."

  • You are a problem adult! Thinking like this gets you or children who need extra support, no where! Yes, there are some children being raised by dysfunctional parents. I totally agree with you however, in some cases some children need extra support and resources and some schools are not investing in this area. Specialist teachers cost a lot of money. Some schools would rather invest on a new swimming pool or auditorium, than special education professionals. If you don't want 'special snowflakes', as you shockingly put it, don't welcome them into your school. If I knew your true colours, I would not want to deal with narrow minded people, like yourself!

  • I was just feeding my pet and remembered that I forgot to mention that I had really bad mental health issues in middle school and my parents blamed the school.

  • I've met plenty of people like those before at my old school, aid I didn't make it clear that I understand they exist. There are kids on the autism spectrum or have another disability that requires them to be taught by specific professionals. This school is different though

  • There are kids with real challenges that need a different school, but almost everyone at mine would be fine if they weren’t special snowflakes

  • You must be the 'problem adult' for writing this! There are mafias that run some stupid schools. They have sick agendas!

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