This is the first...

I'm pretty sure that if I was 21 right now, I would go out and drink with the sole itention of giving myself fatal alcohol poisoning.

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  • I fully support this.

  • It is pretty difficult to do that, you might get a nasty charcoal shake for desert if you try though!

  • Had a relative who kept doing that, except he could never quite kill himself. Instead he ruined his health slowly over several years, resulting in many trips to the ER and many expensive (to his family) hospitalizations, therapy sessions and rehab stays. He finally died on his mother's birthday of hepatitis and cirrhosis. He was bloated with over 50 pounds of fluid in his chest and abdomen, which basically suffocated him. Not a nice way to go.

  • Oh I'm so sorry.
    Were those caused by the sniffing or by other affections?

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