Senior teacher

I am a Senior this year at CHS. First day was amazing when I saw our new History teacher. OMG he is sooooo cute. I am pretty sure I am in LOVE with him. He is only 26 years old and omg so hot. The first night after school when I went to bed I touched myself and imagined him making love to me. I also used the shampoo bottle in the shower and again imagined it was him inside me. I have been flirting with him going in after school and pretending like I need help in his class just so I can spend extra time with him. I will turn 18 in a few day, so legally I can be with him if I can convince him to go out with me. I'm pretty sure he is my sole mate. I want to have his baby.

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  • Go for it. It happens all the time.
    Get a hotel room and invite him. It will be all on you so why worry. Go get sucked and dicked real good

  • Hot. Hope your dreams come true :)

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