Tess holliday

Black men love all 300 pounds of me!

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  • I have a small d*** and love f****** fatties to make it look/feel even smaller. Then I put peanut butter all over my d*** and get awesome blowsiest from fatties. One even licked peanut butter out of my a******!

  • Obese

  • This is so stupid, I can't comment and live with myself.

  • Lol u just f***** did...

  • H***, no... I've been with too many fatties, and most are unclean..Done with the big girls...

  • F*** thank u there are to many fatty chasers lowering the bar

  • You guys f*** pigs. I'm pretty sure even the thin girls you smash are smelly slags as well. Girls today are ugly....either too thin or too fat, tatted up and pierced all to h***. They're all out of shape hags because they spent their entire lives sitting on their flat cracks phone gazing. Come to think of it most young guys today aren't in much better shape.

  • Wow! Got to me you. Never met anyone perfect like you before! Dough bag!

  • Another fat out of shape millennial who would be lost without a cell phone, heard from. Lol.

    How many pokemon's have you captured? Lol. Maybe you will walk in front of a bus during your next game. Lmao.

  • Where da fat white wimins at?

  • I love Tess holiday diabetes turns me on

  • 300 is the minimum. I prefer 450lbs plus. Nothing better than a mountain of flesh with a deep wet p****.

  • Just fold the rolls and f*** them

  • No they just like ur hole

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