Im getting there!

Yay ive lost 2 pounds! now im at 99 pounds yes i get hungry but i just dont think about it



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  • 2lbs is equal 2 a big s****

  • Go 2 takaway hav a good meal then go get fuckd

  • I have an eating disorder too. And I know it is hard to stop but I also understand that what I do to my body is wrong and that being too skinny in unattractive but far more important unhealthy. I want you to understand this too and not lose anymore weight but be happy with who you are. I will pray for you.

  • When u hav this disorder do u still shave ur p****

  • girl being too skinny isnt pretty

    What you see on models is a TONED body from exercising. eat and work out. be happy baby

  • you know what a******? shes too dam thin, shes gonna die if she doesnt gain some weight, you hear me? youre gonna die if you dont gain weight

  • Okay everyone commenting, she is the perfect weight for her height. If she were to gain a lot of weight she would actually look really bad so she is perfect the way she is. This is her best friend by the way.

  • She could stand to gain a little weight. Weight isn't necessarily bad. A health amount of body fat serves many purposes like insulating the body and serving as a secondary source of energy. Encourage her to eat healthy and work out, not worry about weight. As her "best friend" you should care about how healthy she is versus how healthy she "looks". Skinny does not equal healthy.

  • In order to look your best and be truly appealing to other members of humanity (inclulding boys) you need to gain a little weight. In addition you will have more energy to enjoy life.

  • Why I this under "health" it's definitely not healthy or attractive. Gain some weight!

  • You had better be 4'10'' or you are TOO skinny love.

  • im 5 1"

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