Fiancée secretly feeding me

When I first met my now Fiancée, I was about 145 pounds or so with abs and was very lean and ripped. Over the next five years she has fed me more and more and more openly admitted that she enjoys my new body that I have gotten. Fast forward to now I am 255 pounds and have put on over 15 inches just to my belly and surprisingly love it.

May 29

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  • This happens when married - My wife used to seem to love me buff and ripped when we were dating and early in our marriage. Many years ago I started packing on the pounds and to my surprise she not only seemed to like it, but I noticed all of my meals kept getting larger and more fattening. I decided to see where this was headed because she never commented verbally on my new huge Gut I packed on in only six months - so I was over doing it at meals in front of her and she kept filling my plate. She only seemed more affectionate and sexual the bigger I got.

    I think when you are a taken husband they don't mind it if they fatten you up knowing that they had a lot to do with it. I bet your wife loves the bigger you in in the bedroom - doesn't she?

  • Sounds like she has big plans for you. Do you enjoy being fattened?

  • Safe to assume your fiancé is a fat sweaty cow?

  • Probably a registered Holstein.

  • I stated in there I gained, not her.

  • Yeah but the only people attracted to having an obese mate are people with their own major insecurities.

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