Its possible to hate an inaminante object?

My grandparents have lived in the same house since 1972. The house is cool in many ways as it is a cedar house built on brick and it has a huge basement where my granddad has a woodshop. There is a very small downside.

When I stay the night there the door slowly opens. You can shut it and hear the door latch and seemingly out of the clear blue sky it unlatches itself and slowly with a creaking sound opens. I hate that.

Once while showering I was naked in the room and the door unlatched itself and opened wide. Had there been someone on the other side of the door they would have seen me.

My grandmother hasn't seen me naked for decades and I'd just as soon she never see me like that again.

Aug 25, 2016

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  • Yes, it is...My ex wife had an ugly, 4' high, wooden giraffe that I hated from day one..Didn't like it at her mother's house, then she took it with her when we bought ours. That ugly-ass thing sat for years, and every time I passed it, wanted it gone.

    Not a week after she moved out, I was cleaning stuff out, and came to the giraffe. Not only tossed it into my truck for the trash run, but..Tossed it enough times, hard, so it broke into pieces. Hate an inanimate object? Oh, yes... Even at the dump, I heaved the pieces in different directions.

  • With the title of your confession,are you "asking" a question or "stating" a fact?

  • Tell granddad to please get another door latch with a longer bolt or buy him one. I am sure that he will understand, as soon as you explain. In lieu of that, use a door stop.

  • Let her c she might like

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