United states

You're an embarrassment to the world.....soo is the entire Middle East, China, n Korea , Africa, Russia F*** you all just suck so much ass

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  • Land of hypocrisy,drama,racism and then some!!!
    Sort your s*** out,before you interfere with other countries,politics!!!
    Your country isn't superior,to any others!! And if trump succeeds in becoming your president,you're all f*****!! Including immigrants,who are trying to seek asylum there.
    I don't know if the USA remember,but your country was founded by foreigners,you dumbasses!! Now that most majority of the USA are White and even that's changing,you're blaming foreigners for all the drug trafficking and murders in your country.I think you need to stop being in denial!! Take a leaf out of,the UK's books!!! At least in the UK,they have a better Welfare and health Care state in place,than the USA and it actually works and has done,since the 1940s!!! Beat that,bitchesss!!!!!

  • As a Black US citizen I sadly cannot refute your comment. The USA chooses to go "save" other countries but still refuses to treat it's darker citizens like actually people or even acknowlege that there is still systematic racism. Talk about hypocrites....

  • Stereotypes are created by a small group not all white people are racist and not all black ppl are ghetto monkeys which there are many videos showing that sort of behaviour..

  • So you just displayed clear racism I'm your post by calling another race of human beings "monkeys". You really aren't helping the argument. Stfu.

  • Read the part of the sentence before that stupid .........

  • Capitalism, overpopulation, religious retardation, stupid laws, dictators .........

  • So where are you from?

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