Hotel Room Vacation

I was h**** on a vacation one night and had my own room the next room was family, I used whisper to look for a guy to f*** me good on the nearby posts. Found one but he was too old for me, then another but he didn't reply as fast, I finally found one who was a 10 minute drive away from where my hotel was and I shaved my p**** while waiting. As soon as he arrived I opened the door and walked over to the beds. I thought he was going to talk a bit before we started f****** as the night before I also had a guy come over but we made small talk before and after s**, but as soon as I arrived the beds he grabbed me by the waist and started kissing me so passiontely as if he hasn't kissed anyone in a year. He then started fingering my p**** so hard and I had to put my legs around him but before I could get both up he threw me on one of the beds. He was standing beside the bed and quickly pulled out his condom and put it in place. He pulled my legs over his shoulders and started entering me slowly at first, he said I was so tight (he had no idea!), and started f****** me like crazy, he started increasing his speed and pounded me hard while fingering my already enlarged c***! I screamed some more and before I could c** he pulled it out and stuck it in my ass, the best feeling washed over me and I started to scream even louder. I was trying to not be too loud as my family was in the other room and that was when he started choking me and pounding my ass at the same time. I don't remember how long we f***** but I did scratch him some and we made out some more. He bit and sucked on my t*** all while pounding my p**** again. He took a short video of me and now whenever I need to play I watch the video and c** over and over again! To that random guy thank you for the wonderful vacation!

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  • Whisper sucks. No locals

  • The b**** always finds a willing dog

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