I'm 23 and I've fallen for a 61 year old. Please help!

How do I explain this? My life's a complete mess and to top it all off I've fallen for a 61 yr old who's married. Yes he's married and I'm single :( I dont know why though may be I have a thing for older men. But the man is so dashingly handsome and Gentleman like! It's like he's straight out of an Austen novel . Please help me ...he knows I've fallen for him and he's already made clear he's not leaving his wife. What do I do?

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  • Hooking up with a married man (regardless of his age) is just adding more drama to the drama you say you already have. At some point, you're going to want more and he's already told you that he will never leave his wife. Essentially, if somewhere down the road you do want marriage and children you put your life on hold for a guy you can never really have. Don't put your life on hold like that. Cheating hurts people. Also, at the end of the day you have to reconcile you actions. Some people say they have no problems with an affair, can you sleep with a clear conscience? Just questions to ask. End whatever has been started now. If an older man is what you seek, I'm sure you can find him. And who knows, there may be someone closer to your age as well. Someone that is mature and is a gentelmen. You never know. Most importantly, to bring in the right guy into your life. Then begin to sort your life out. Because you can't really bring the right guy into your life, unless your life is ready and open for that.

  • Picture yourself living in the old people's home and you've got the spoon in one and and your wiping away the drool with the other.

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