I am not afraid of myself dying.

Of course, I don't want to die right now as there are still things that I haven't finished, but if I do die in the near future, I'm not afraid.

I'd be sad for all of my family if I knew Iwas going to die; as they would be sad if I knew I was. I don't adhere to any religion as such, so I don't believe in any afterlife and I don't think that I would like to carry on existing forever. I would much rather just simply pass into the void. I have been anaesthetised before and I imagine it would be like that except not waking up.

I am someone who feels emotions very deeply and grief is something that affects me a lot. I hate having to deal with grief as it's a horrible emotion to have to feel.

What I'm truly afraid of, is having to deal with the grief I will feel from losing my parents and family and pets. I'm so afraid of doing that I attempted suicide last year.

I was 14 then.

The only thing that stops me from trying again is that I know that my parents will be sad if I die before them and I don't want them to have to go through that.

I'm crying right now, just from writing this and there really isn't any reason to cry!

I just want this to end. Why was I even born? I don't want this life.

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  • As you grow older, you may learn to accept things more and become stronger.Death of loved ones is natural and inevitable.It's how we deal with it, that matters.
    Any one who loves their family and friends, will feel their loss deeply, when they pass on, regardless of the circumstances, on which they died.Everyone, just grieves differently.
    Please don't try to commit suicide again, you're only young and deserve to live your life, to the fullest.Life is too short.

    Just live, love and cherish your family/friends :)

  • Please reach out to someone safe for help.

  • Why? There is nothing wrong with me

  • Live and enjoy life!!

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