To the drug users here

While some people want to help you here's what other people want.

We wish you'd die and take your drug s*** with you. The world would be a better place if you would just f****** disappear.

Maybe if you would quit we would feel differently but for the people you have screamed at, assaulted, robbed and whose life you drug down with your own we wish you would just f****** die.

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  • The dopers I"ve had the misfortune to run into came from families as good as anyone else's. Using s*** is a choice and based on my experience that choice hurts everyone around them. I mean you get a problem you didn't ask for and I personally have been screamed at and assaulted but these a*******. My roommates brother was on PCP and he got p***** when I didn't want to hang out with him. A black guy at work who I had been friends with started taking crack cocaine and one day in the breakroom he assaulted me out of the clear blue sky. My apartment was ransacked by some doper and the list of negative experiences goes on and on.

    I limit the people I have compassion for and my compassion lies with the victims. The victims just like me. I don't care if dopers go through pure H***, in fact it serves their sorry ass right.

  • Funny how people judge things they have no comprehension of I know a few ppl who at least do ecstasy once in a while some how I doubt they are robbing and screaming at ppl....maybe they have better s** life than u tho lol

  • Doing X once in awhile and heroin addiction, meth and crack addictions are totally different. Especially if children are involved. Anyone who contributes in hurting others (whether intentional or not is wrong). In the end we will all answer to GOD!

  • No ones answering to God that's ridiculous

  • ^^^^ You will one day

  • I agree, they are selfish but remember that the hatred of the world caused their pain, the pain they try to escape but perpetuate. I understand your hostility but remember, it doesn't do much but cause more pain.

  • Legalize everything and deal with poverty and these will go away

  • U must love nixon

  • Mmmmm drugs

  • Right on

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