Summer fling with cousin

This summer was the best. I turned 16 and got my DL license. But that's not the good part. My aunt and her 13 yr old daughter came to visit for 2 weeks. I saw her last summer and she was cute then. She had blonde hair, blue eyes, and kinda of a dorky innocent look to her. We hung out a lot, drove around town. I felt an attraction to her. I kept asking my self if she was sexually active yet. Finally I just her if she had s** yet. Her answer was "no". She told that she found her dads p*** and she had a idea bout it. That drew me in. One Saturday night everyone was down stairs and her and I were up stairs playing on the game station. She sat on the bed and i on the floor. She had on a night shirt that went to her knees. When it was her turn to play I turned around to find that her legs were open and I could see her panties. That's when I asked her if I could put my head between her legs. She paused for a min then started to close her legs, then opened them back up and let me between her legs. I kissed her theighs and she leaned back on the bed that's when I pulled her panties off. I liked the way she arched her backlifting her ass letting her panties slide off with ease, to show me her nice tight untouched c***. I ate her p**** long and good. It was a little smelly but I didn't care. My mouth got tired after awhile. That's when she said she wanted to try and give me b*******. I let her. She was good. I didn't tell I was going to c**, and blew my load in her mouth. She was shocked but mellowed out afterwards. We did try having s** later that weekend. But her tight virgin p**** wasn't having it. As soon as I hit her wall she made me stop. I still ate her p**** when ever I had a chance. I told one of my friends what happen and he got to taste her too.

Aug 28, 2016

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  • U need 2 lick for ages to get her wet then slide ur c*** n she wont get pregnant the first time but if she makes u wear condom try to take it off congrats on comn n her mouth

  • I finally ended up popping her cheery. My buddy and I took turns on her for awhile. She was a good lay.

  • She wont respect u until u f*** her p**** promise her ul pull out but make sure she gets every drop

  • That hair is bettr than dental floss

  • So f****** fake

  • Had she hair on the cat

  • Had some but not a lot. Very nice though

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