I love my fat ;)

I'm getting so so so fat and I love it, even when I'm not sitting Down my belly wobbles and jiggles and hangs out the bottom of my
Shirts which I only got 2 weeks ago! It spills over the sides of my jeans, I've gotten so big it even spills over the sides of my sweatpants! But I love it and so does my BF, he loves it so much, for instance last night I came home and said "how about takeaway for dinner" ( as I always do! :D) and he said yes (as always) so I order 3 large pizzas (2 and a half for me, half for him) I also get 2 large King burgers( both for me) with 2 large sides of chips, 5 portions of nuggets (4 for me 1 for him) and 4 large Oreo smoothies (all for me ;)) so he stays home and I go to the store and get myself a few snacks: 3 Extra large tubs of donuts, 8 bags of Doritos,15 mega sized chocolate bars, 2 big bags of m&ms and I bought it all and went back home I ate it ALL I even ate my boyfriends food :o he didn't care tho I know he loves my flab :) so we went to bed after we watched some re runs of family guy and Anerican dad and as Iay there on my back, my belly hanging out of my new nighty (which hadn't been tight the night before but was now straining over my belly) my flab was just resting on my thunder thighs which were so big and bloated I had serious chub rub ?? After my small stuffing despite the fact it hadn't been big I couldn't help but moan and groan at the weight of my beautiful stomach so my bf got on his knees one on each side of my humongous thighs and he played with my belly slapping it and watching it jiggle endlessly, I knew he was turned on ?? So much so till the point where he was grinding against it I couldn't help but watch my fat sway to and thro. We tried to have S** but it took a while as he had to hold up my wonderful flabber but he didn't care, he loved my stretch marks, even though I was lying down I still had atleast 10 rolls and he grabbed them and rubbed them till we fell asleep and the. In th morning I woke up my bra was barely containing my humongous b****** my nightie had now ripped but i didn't care I walked out to the kitchen to the smell of fresh pancakes and a giant leaning tower of waffles



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  • Hey, you only live once. Make the most of it and yourself! As long as you're having fun, keep going. Keep eating fatty. Get f****** huge! I am and I love it!

  • I'm obese myself (Trying to slim down some. There is nothing wrong with trying to be the best you that you can be.) and love how I am but, I would tread lightly. You can be gone at a moments notice. Just be careful. Your health is something you always want to keep in check.

  • I'm kinda fat but even this grosses me out. I try to respect everyone, and as a fat person I shouldn't talk, but I don't go out of my way to make myself fatter. In fact I am working to go the other way. Seems you're playing Russian Roulette with your health.

  • I want ur belly so bad

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