My belly is hurting because of my boyfriend

My boyfriend came over my house with six big Macs for me! I was very hungry though so I ate them all. My belly was so stuffed my boyfriend said "you are so much hotter when you're big" we both smiled at each other he rubbed my belly then said he wanted me fat he want me to have fat legs fat arms fat belly he told me to gain 40 pounds I said I was actually trying to stay fit he dumped me ;( I ate and ate all the food I could buy for five days straight my belly was huge my thin slim legs were chubby and my arms we kinda flabby but he never took me back I might kill myself if he doesn't or I'll gain the weight I will!!!! If he wants me fat fine but I'm gonna make him fat as well.

Jun 8, 2017

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  • Don’t let him hurt you you should be stuffing yourself so you are in control

  • Did you get fatter? Did you manage to fatten him up as well?

  • How fat are both of you now?

  • Sounds like a feeder. That's one of the best ways to handle a feeder if you intend to stay -- tell them to gain 2 pounds for every 1 pound you gain. Explain that you want them to test the waters for you. That way they won't be asking anything of you without knowing what they're asking for. And that way if you do get all big and fat, they'll be fat too, so they won't get any ideas about running off to fatten someone else.

  • Has this worked for you? Asking for a friend….

  • Its so amazing isn't it ;-)

  • Fat chicks are hot. go for it

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