My hatred continues on...

I just read a stupid story about how a father wanted to kill his son by having an intentional car crash. He said that being a father was too much responsibility. No s***! Then there was a picture of the little f***** in a neck brace laying there in the hospital with a f****** diaper on. He had his legs spread. I can just imagine what his lil Peenus looked like under that smelly diaper. Diaper. I abhor that word. I have thoughts of typing up lil boys (especially toddlers and baby brats), and biting, punching, squeezing and putting pins in their peenusses and smelly testes. I adore watching forced Muslim circumcisions on YouTube (check them out!) where the little f**** scream b***** murder. Their skinny legs are forced open while the sadistic, wonderful doctors cut away! You can usually see their dirty a******* too. Once when I was twelve I shamed lil Jeffrey by pulling his funderwear to the side so I could see his Peenus. I obviously had issues with lil boys back then. Bastards!!

Aug 31, 2016

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  • Another serial poster blathering the same tired stupid thing over and over again. This site really draws them in.

  • Its hard 2 put up with little f**** specialy when al u wanted was a goodride

  • Just f****** go to the nearest bridge and hurl your stupid ass over it already you sick f***

  • Yes good idea.

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