The damage is done

Since finding out that my boyfriend of 5years asked a girl for video of her masturbating I cant trust him. Things will never be the same again. We have children together and things were ok but I cant get over it. I try to think of it as he just watched a bit of p*** which doesn't bother me but the lies cut deep. He has ruined our relationship. Even tho things look the same it never will be to me. He destroyed it and i have to live with it

Aug 31, 2016

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  • It's not gonna work out. Once a cheater always can cheater. Leave him and Co-parent as best you can. Find someone who loves and respects you.

  • Get over it! It's not like he cheated! How is asking someone to video herself masturbating any different from him watching that on the internet?

  • He has ruined ur relationship........what have u done to make him resort to that....

  • I was in a similar situation. The trust is broken and it is very hard to get back. He assured me it would never happen again. He changed his password on his phone rather than try to change his ways. I found out he did this again several times, and eventually started sending photos of himself. It was to a coworker. I wanted to believe him, but he didn't change.

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