My mother is so pathatic

See, she thinks that i have no clue of what's going on. F*** you mom. Why not try someone your own age instead of trying to lure mine're over 60 for god sake. Oh and btw your are getting really fat!

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  • I'd f*** her

  • She could b depressed by not getting c*** get her a toyboy

  • She is fat and her stuff stinks also. I know your mom and she is nasty. She will do things most girls won't do and that's why she is so popular. She is fat and nasty but I must ask. If that is her, what are you like? I mean your her daughter so you know the apple never falls far from the tree. Also what kink of daughter gets on line and talks s*** about her mother. She is still you mother. I don't know her and that crap I was saying, I was describing you!

  • You should not talk s*** you have no clue about if a mother is trying to tear up the family of her daughter the daughter is damn well right for trashing her.

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