It all started with a follow

So I'm 18 and very recently graduated high school and a teacher I had a huge crush on my sophmore year added me on snapchat. We've had multiple deep conversations about college and he has repeatedly stated that I was cute and "beautiful". He has a wife and two kids and I have no idea if he's flirting or just being nice. I don't have the guts to tell him how I feel but I do want to know if he trying to get alil nsfw

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  • If you do f*** around, get tested for STDs often. Some common diseases won't have outward symptoms advanced stages. By then you may be infertile. Or worse.

  • Stay away. When you are young, you get hit on by older men and you are flattered. You are starting to understand the power of being young and sexy. When you are older, you will realize that these older guys know this and use this flattery to manipulate you. It's only natural that you are curious and attracted to an older man who gives you such attention. But, don't be naive. You could be ANY sexy, young, and impressionable young woman. He doesn't want YOU, necessarily. He just wants to get in your pants as many times as he can before you move on. Think about it... He is (conveniently) in a position to meet many females just like you --- who he probably contacts at some point after graduation. It's not illegal- but it's not ethical. And it's definitely creepy! He is taking advantage of his relationship with you as your former teacher. He is a smooth operator - it's just routine to him. He has the moves down to a science. Ugh! Stay away... From an older, wiser sister!

  • Don't think your special. If he's making moves on you then he's making moves on other students. Teachers get off on that. Don't do it. Don't break up a family

  • Put yourself self in his wife's boots since he is married..
    go try some one single.. me?

  • He wants to f*** you. So f*** him.

  • Ughh I want to so bad

  • He's married and has children.Regardless if he fancies you or not,he's a taken man.Don't pursue this,as it can only lead to you being a home wrecker!! Don't be that girl!! He could do the same to you,like he's doing to his wife,if this communication escalates to a physical affair.
    Don't be a b**** and w****!!!

  • If hes happy to cheat its not my prob

  • It is,if you're the person,he's cheating with!! :)
    Fair enough,you have nothing to lose,as you aren't in any relationship.But what do you have to gain? A married man with children,if you pursue him.You may get a thrill,from your crush admiring you back.But does he genuinely? He may just see you,as fresh meat.A beautiful fresh packaged meat!! But still a new conquest.

    Good luck anyways,with whatever,you're trying to achieve!! I'm happy I'm with someone,who has eyes,only for me and vise versa :)

  • Sorry to rain on your parade but no one has eyes only for you if you throw a fresh and sultry 18 year old college girl into the mix. That is reality. You can't blame the male or the female. It's human nature.

  • Lol When I referred to my partner and I,only having eyes for each other,I meant; "We're faithful to each other,because we love each other!" :) Obviously,if you see someone attractive and sexy,it's human nature to look.But it's not human nature to cheat!! If you're in a happy,strong and healthy relationship,would you cheat on your partner?! I wouldn't and neither would my partner.That's my point,fool!!!!

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