Never actually did my job to the point I nearly forgot how.

I worked for a major health system in my area for a few years. Eventually, I transferred over to a records tech job at one of the hospitals in the system. My entire job consisted of going from unit to unit with a mobilized computer cart (a COW) and enrolling patients in an online registration that allowed them to see a portion of their health records, and set appointments with their doctors that worked within the health system. After a few weeks, I figured out that the neither the hospital, nor the health system itself, and not even my boss, had an actual way of tracking or validating my work. There wasn't any sort of systematic or technical way to verify my enrollment numbers or patient contacts! I literally filled out my OWN flow sheet at the end of my shift, handwritten, and then on Fridays, I went into Excel and plugged-in those numbers. I didn't even have to give my boss the handwritten flow-sheet, I just chucked it in the shredder. My boss believed me, never questioned it. I wasn't that important to the ultra-busy staff on the floor, I was just the lady with the card from records that came around now and then, so no one really ever took notice when I wasn't around. I never had to check in with a charge nurse, never had to go back to the records office for anything, and was in charge of my own break times! I was totally on my own all day from the time I got to work, from the time I left for the day. When I figured all this out, I literally never went into another patient room again my duration of time at the hospital! I would come around a few times a week to roll around the floors, say hi to people who worked there, and I would linger for awhile, starring at the patient census sheet, pretending like I was going down a checklist of what patients I needed to see that day. Then, I'd disappear! Usually, I would find a vacant break room, or area of the hospital hardly anyone went to. Sometimes, I would go to the "overflow" unit that I knew wasn't in use, and would just sit in an unoccupied room all day. No one that worked on the floor had any authority or supervisory duties over me, not even the charge nurses, and no one cared. If they saw me in a break room, they assumed I was on break. If was in there for awhile and the same people kept passing by, and eventually seemed to notice I had been lingering in the break room for awhile, long past any reasonable break time, I would get out a stack of random papers and pretend I was just sitting down for awhile to catch up on paperwork, or I would pull my computer over to me, lower it to my eye level, open our EHR application, and pretend to be documenting or charting: which wasn't even close to part of my job on any level! When those people breezed by, I'd go back to browsing Facebook, watching Netflix, texting my gf, calling a friend, applying for different jobs, playing games, or just generalized f****** off!

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  • That's horrible. The healthcare system is f***** enough without you ruining it further. You are playing around with people's lives just for a paycheck. Do the world a favor and just find another job or retire. It's not fair to the patients.

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  • Sluggard.

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