Let me start off my wife and I have been married 40 years I met her when I was 17 and she 15.I started sharing her at 15 I worked for a temp work place the guy who ran it lived in a apt. up stairs we hung around up there at night drank and talked about woman I confessed I would like her to be f****d by other guys he was really I went over to her house and told her it would help me out with jobs if she f****d this guy and yes I told her the truth after he ate and f****d for a hour or more. after that I was hooked cant even tell you how many men she slept with in our first 15 years of marriage but most of my friends have had her at one time or another even my brother a couple times. She worked for one friend he f****d her at work plus would stop over at night and take her up stairs. he never wanted me to be there but other friends we did mfm or sometimes we swapped. one night that friend and another and I were out drinking well the other friend said he was leaving and I found out later he stopped at my house and more or less forced my wife to have s** witch she must have liked cause she f****d him again after that she's had a couple boy friends after that sometimes she'd bring random guys home from the bar. all of a sudden she wants to stop I ask her all the time she says she just needs to find the right guy. anyway I sure miss it wish I could get her back into it


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  • We are like you as well because my wife has f***** other men even my brother but she likes flashing and stripping while they are watching and yes she has even f***** my mates Rottweiler but that is relatively new but she seems to like it particularly when shadow "knots"

  • We sound so much alike, my wife was the same any c*** would do she loved them all even our dogs over the years. she found the right guy and he now lives with us and we all have s** together in every way we can think of. it is so perf. i wish you luck.

  • Soooo hot ! love it.

  • Were the f*** do people like this live!

  • Every where

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