Wish it was

I wish I was a butterfly so that I could fly to you and spread colours to your life.
I wish I had a magic stick so that in a blink of an eye I could change everything ..I wish to bring every happiness in your life.
I wish I had the power to become invisible so that I could be with you any moment without breaking anything.
I wish I was your precious wish which you would pray to get in your life .I wish you would crave to see your whole world in me.
I wish you would think me inseparable and when not together it's like a fish living without water.
I wish I could just turn back time and reset everything....
I wish you to smile thinking we together were like house on fire...
Wishes are not horses I know.....
I wanted though to be the first one to greet you in the precious day of your life but since everything is not possible I am wrapping all my love and thoughts for you and sending them ......
It might be kiddish but to me its something that can't be put into right words to justify I only know how it feels...
With lots of love always and forever..
Stay blessed always...

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  • S*** wish someone would say that to me lmao

  • My God, I wish somebody would love me this way

  • You are making me cry...please. How can I prove that you are my everything?

  • Prove it

  • I want to be the softness that induces you to trust. I want to be your companion with whom you share your deepest thoughts. I want you to want me not a mere secret wish.i want to walk hand in hand in open air without shame.i want to be your confidant not to play hide and see game..I want you to believe we are Real...

  • I promise not to hide next time.
    I yearn to open myself up to you more than anything.
    I do want you. I want to give you so much... I get scared sometimes. I often long for you to just imprison me in your arms and silence me.
    It is very real to me.
    The deepest love to you...

  • I read you I smile
    I read you I feel loved
    I read you I miss
    I read you my heart sobs
    I read you I become restless
    I read you I feel a lump in my throat
    I read you my eyes become hazy
    I read you I dim the light
    I read you I lose myself

  • Ahhh ??

  • You are my secret wish...

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