Was i wrong?

I think I had the chance to leave my 'ok' relationship for another one. He wanted me to sneak to meet him but im not like that. I don't judge others for it but that's not me. Long story short, I stopped talking to the other guy to try to work on my current relationship and keep my family togther. I can't stop wondering if I did the right thing. I never met the other guy so in my head, I was like, what if you don't like the other guy when you met him? What if he doesn't like you? I couldn't risk ruining what I have on that chance. Now I'm going to be forever wondering if I did the right thing. I miss him so much. I really felt something for him. He was my best friend. I feel so alone and lost. Did I do the right thing? I will never know. That's what is going to haunt me forever....

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  • Why in the H*** would you break up your family for someone you never met face to face, haven't you ever seen catfish. The guy is probably a loon!

  • I can totally relate to this problem!! Guess we'll never no but I hope I made the right choise. Good luck

  • Sadly it is too late. I fear I've lost him. He's hurt too much. Long story short he has other issues and having feelings for me, knowing he couldnt have me, made things worse for him.

  • Yes, you were wrong. But it's not too late to correct the mistake. Meet him.

  • There's nothing wrong with meeting the guy. Meet him somewhere in public -- coffee shop, restaurant, club -- and just talk for a while and then see where it leads. You're making a big life decision with very, very, very little information. You need more data. He could be "the one", or he could be nothing. Go find out which he is.

  • U wil nevr kno unles u met and f***

  • Correction-"You'll never know,unless you meet up with him"- F****** isn't everything.She doesn't have to f*** him to realise,if she's made a mistake or not.She already doubts herself,in regards to her situation.Fool!!! And improve your grammar and punctuation!!!! :-)

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