Watching the 700 club

On this Christian program there was a baby who somehow nearly drowned. Apparently these pious Xtians weren't looking out for their baby who was near a lake.

Into the water the kid goes and after much difficulty the baby is rescued out of the water with what at the time appeared to be no heartbeat. The EMT'S do CPR and they find a heartbeat. They take the baby to the hospital and eventually after much worry and prayer the baby not only survives but has no apparent ill effects of his ordeal. God is great right?

Ok what about the tens of thousands of children who underwent similar ordeals and didn't make it? Didn't god love that kid too? Were their parents no pious enough? Were the members of the wrong religion?

I've know fo several people including children who were prayed for and over but they died anyway.

The kid in my story lucked out. I'm glad but what made him special to god to the point to where he lived and other children and deserving adults etc died?

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  • The sad thing about this post is......I have those same doubts sometimes and I still believe in God. it's a hard question to ask and also very difficult to answer. I wish I knew how to answer it myself buddy....

  • A bit of a plot hole lol

  • My parents had a special needs daughter (my older sister). They were very young when they had her. They cared for her amazingly. She went in for a routine surgery when she was 9, and she died of complications from the surgery. For 9 years her life was a struggle and then this almighty "God" took her...why? I agree with your assessment here.

  • I regrew my appendix thanks to the power of positive thinking.

  • What?...

  • David blain held is breath for 17 min

  • David Blain is God

  • Who the h*** is David Blain?

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