I am married but want to know everyone honest feeling. Is it cheating if I wear a condom with protitutes?

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  • Yes. 100% cheating

  • As long as the s** happens in a different zip code than your significant other and you wear a condom its not cheating.

  • Yes.

  • Its not cheating when u dont kno her and use condom

  • Um, yes it is cheating lol....but you knew this

  • Yes, you could still catch something too - do you kiss them?

  • Ewww! Who would kiss a prostitue?? That's just disgusting!! You are sick in the head for even asking that!

  • Kissing and having s** with a prostitute, are two different things, fool!!! Read the OP's confession again, as you've misunderstood :-)

  • Because if a few random strangers say it's okay... so whose advice were you particularly interested in, the guy who wants to violate a dolphin, the weirdo who wants to cut off baby boys' nipples, or the underage girl who wants to seduce her father? All respectable points of view to be sure.

  • Ha! Best comment ever!!!!

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